Industrial Solutions

Industrial energy use in Canada increased by 18% between 1990 and 2005 .  The vast majority of this energy binomo website is produced through the direct combustion of fossil fuels. Inefficiencies inherent in industrial processes almost always produce waste heat, which is simply released to the atmosphere through cooling towers or retention ponds. 

CleanEnergy’s engineers work with their industrial clients to design and implement innovative energy systems that extract this waste heat and put it to good use either elsewhere in the process, in heating the building, or as part of a district energy system where neighbouring businesses and industries have a need for extra heat. 

Through these designs CleanEnergy™ can help its industrial clients to:

  • Tap into energy saving opportunities
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burned
  • Improve industrial energy intensity
  • Reduce energy-related industrial greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save money

CleanEnergy™ helps our clients gain competitive advantage.  The energy savings we create mean lower cost structures and better operating efficiencies.

CleanEnergy has the unique expertise to provide commercially viable design and implementation of economic solutions across the industrial sector – from oil sands operations to mining, manufacturing, pulp and paper, chemicals and beyond.  To learn how we can help your company save money and improve your environmental track record, contact us.

Funding Opportunities & Grants

Natural Resources Canada's ecoENERGY for Industry Assessment Incentives offers incentives to help industrial companies assess their operations so as to optimize their processes, reduce operating costs, and reduce greenhouse gases, which also makes the industrial companies more competitive.

CleanEnergy can work with its industrial clients on these grants.

Manufacturing Facility Improves Energy Efficiency by over 80%!

Geoexchange seems like an unlikely technology to use at an industrial manufacturing facility* in Calgary, Alberta; however, it provides significant operating savings and efficiencies that would otherwise not be achieved. Fabricating sheet binomo demo metal to make radiators typically utilizes large quantities of both energy and heat, but the CleanEnergy team worked with the company to employ an innovative combination of geothermal energy and heat recovery through process integration. Members of the CleanEnergy team provided the company with a complete geoexchange and heat recovery solution to a manufacturing facility, from engineering and design to installation and commissioning.

According to Natural Resources Canada’s evaluation (based on the Industrial Building Incentive Program application), the building’s integrated energy system is over 80 percent more efficient than a standard system used for a building of the same size and function.
- President of the Company

The System

Virtually everywhere energy is used in the plant, waste heat is recovered and put back to work to heat process water and keep the building warm. The company’s autoclave oven, which operates at 649°C (1200°F), provided the largest opportunity for heat recovery. Recovered heat is also used to help optimize production processes. The exterior of the autoclave oven heated to 130°F, which eliminates warm-up time and keeps the oven ready to use year-round. Waste heat from other processes – and even hot air that rises to the ceiling – is captured and re-used. Space heat is supplied through the building by a horizontal ground loop located underneath the facility’s parking lot and geothermal heat pumps which are supplemented by captured process heat.

The heating system’s success is breathtaking, exceeding even the company’s expectations. The unique space heating system combines geothermal energy and process waste heat, and is 80% more efficient than a standard system.

Award Winning

CleanEnergy’s innovative approach to energy management pushed the envelope for industrial energy efficiency in Alberta and the facility was recognized with the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation's (CIPEC) Industrial Energy Innovator award.

Our initial objective was to make our working environment more comfortable for our staff… We discovered that with outside-the-box thinking, we could do this while substantially reducing energy consumption.
- President of the Company

* Due to a confidentiality agreement with the company, we cannot disclose the company name or details.