Our Advantage

The CleanEnergy™ Advantage

CleanEnergy is unlike virtually any other geoexchange company out there. We provide complete, turnkey installations, including engineering, design, loop installation, and access to industry leading equipment. The company is accredited by the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition, our industry’s governing body, as are our system engineers and installers. CleanEnergy’s qualified professionals manage geoexchange projects from feasibility and conceptual analysis to design, installation and commissioning, delivering projects on time and on budget.

Our engineering group has a depth and breadth of experience with geoexchange that is very rare in the industry. Experience and knowledge are essential, because while geoexchange systems are simple in theory, they must be properly designed and installed or won’t perform to your hopes and expectations - or worse, they simply won’t work. If a system is undersized, sure it will cost less to install, but you won’t achieve the operating efficiencies you should and you won’t see a payback. And if it is oversized it will cost too much to install. Again, you won’t see a payback.

  • CleanEnergy’s engineers and designers are leaders in the field of sustainable energy systems such as geoexchange, energy recovery systems and solar thermal heating systems
  • We strive to achieve simple solutions to engineering challenges in energy efficient HVAC designs
  • Our team has an extensive record of innovative project design, including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sustainable energy system projects for owners, builders, developers, and architects
  • CleanEnergy is capable of providing the complete HVAC design, including heat loss calculations, ventilation, duct design, system schematics and ground loop design for virtually any type of project

CleanEnergy’s design team can help you work through the opportunity for installing geoexchange in your home or commercial building by undertaking a feasibility study. These studies:

  • Compare geoexchange to conventional fossil fuel systems for the building(s) in question
  • Focus on capital and operating cost differences
  • Include a life cycle cost analysis and a detailed net present value analysis

For any large project there are a number of key steps that must be undertaken to determine the system size and layout. For buildings over 30,000 square feet, CSA448 states that a thermal conductivity test is one of these key steps. This test, which measures and records how the earth on the specific site will conduct heat, provides the necessary data to accurately design the ground loop to get the most efficient energy transfer possible for the building.

CleanEnergy has performed conductivity tests for many buildings across Canada including airports, high rise offices, condominiums, government buildings, institutional buildings and large residential projects.

To conduct the test, a borehole is drilled to a target depth (the depth varies depending on the project). The borehole will be loaded with pipe and grouted.

The grout in the borehole must set, so the week following drilling of the test borehole CleanEnergy will undertake a thermal conductivity test on the borehole. The thermal conductivity equipment is connected to the borehole and measures and records the flow of the fluid in the ground loop, supply and return temperatures of the fluid, voltage, amperage and time. Data is recorded every minute for a minimum of 48 hours, and is measured to three decimal places.

If the project developer moves ahead with installing a geoexchange system, the borehole drilled for the thermal conductivity test will be incorporated into the ground loop installed for the building.

CleanEnergy™ distributes a wide variety of top quality heat pump lines from industry leading manufacturers, as well as other related components such as flow centres, heat recovery ventilators, integrated heat recovery ventilators, and thermostats. CleanEnergy’s design team will select the best equipment for your project based on the engineering requirements and system design.

CleanEnergy has an extensive track record of trouble-free geoexchange loop installations. We have installed geoexchange loops in a broad range of project types, including homes (from very small to very, very large), schools, office buildings, arenas, recreational facilities, industrial facilities, and condos, among others.

CleanEnergy provides all drilling and excavating necessary for vertical and horizontal ground loop installations, as well has lake and pond loops. We build the headers and do the complete tie-in of the pipes to the building, connect to the flow centres and heat pumps, fill the loops with the heat transfer fluid, flush and purge the loops, leaving them ready for operation.

Our installation teams have over 20 years of successful operations and experience with a very strong reputation based on reliable, trouble free installations.